About BerkeleyCA.crimelog.org

This website is a browsable database of crime incidents reported for Berkeley, California.

Data source:

This site uses data extracted from the old public Berkeley police bulletins and the new Community Crime View and offers an unofficial, alternate view of that data. There may be errors and omissions in the conversion from the police bulletins. Refer to the Berkeley Police Department for official data. The Community Crime View data is not updated daily so the data on this website may lag a few days.

Motivation and history:

The site developer is a long-time Berkeley resident and has been curious about the number of auto burglaries in his neighborhood since his car was burglarized several times. He started collecting the daily PDF bulletins in January 2005 and created an initial website to browse the data in March 2005. This current site was redesigned and launched in March 2006. Some features have been inspired from the chicagocrime.org site.

The Berkeley Police Department recently launched a new crime data mapping application called Community Crime View. The functionality offered by the Community Crime View overlaps with the functionality of this site so you may be interested in checking it out as well.


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